Deep dive into the topic of Swedish and Dutch culture in the December issue of Swedish Chamber Insights!

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Explore Swedish and Dutch cultural differences in the new issue of Swedish Chamber Insights! With the Swedish Chamber Insights, we will bring you deep-dive interviews, highlight sustainability features, and present opportunities to connect with our members and relations within our business community through the Get to Know series. In the December number, you can read:

  • An exclusive interview with journalist and author Charlotte Boström on why Dutch women are world famous for working part-time, the differences to Swedish systems and how to bring about more gender equality in the Netherlands. Click here. 
  • Media entrepreneur Sander Schimmelpenninck shares three personal reflections on the cultural contrasts between Sweden and the Netherlands. Click here. 
  • Learn about the unique sustainability strategy from the Swedish Chamber Patron member Husqvarna in a personal conversation with Anton de Jong, General Manager in the Netherlands. Click here. 
  • Get to Know the new member Validata together with their CEO and Co-founder Harm Voogt. Click here. 
  • Gain exclusive insights into the vision and strategies for the Swedish Chamber in 2024 directly from the Chairpersons of the Swedish Chamber Committees. Click here. 

We are happy to offer our community an unparalleled glimpse into the activities within and around the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s network for you to interact, connect, unveil business opportunities, learn from each other, share new ideas – and, as the title indicates – gain Insights! You can find all the Swedish Chamber Insights articles here. We wish you a pleasant reading!

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