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Read Alexandra Gummesson’s personal experience from the online course Personal Leadership by Zumflow.

This spring, I was offered the opportunity to join the inspiring course Personal Leadership by Zumflow, a coaching company empowering professionals and inspiring change since 2009. The online course is led by their founder, Kristina Zumpolle. Zumflow works with coaching, designing and delivering programmes with a focus on effective and authentic leadership. The five-week course aims to help participants find clarity and lead their lives better by trusting themselves, managing limiting beliefs, and reaching their goals. Through videos, reflection material, and live sessions, it provides you with new perspectives and tools to help you get the most out of both your personal and professional life.

One Friday morning in February, I stepped out of my usual routine and logged into a Zoom meeting filled with strangers, not really knowing what to expect. The group was a dynamic mix of people from various backgrounds, nationalities, ages, and industries, going through a wide range of changes in their lives, which had brought them to Zumflow. Despite being strangers at first, the conversations immediately felt natural and open. I spent the next five Friday mornings together with inspiring this group of people, delving into discussions on how to lead our lives more effectively. It’s understandable that Friday mornings soon became a favorite part of my week.

The course covered group discussions, personal reflections, meditations, writing exercises, and one-on-one chats with Kristina in front of the group during the live sessions. Listening to the other participant’s life stories and challenges, each unique, was truly eye-opening. Kristina’s emphatic and encouraging coaching style made us feel empowered, safe, and connected as a group.

The conversations often stayed with me after the live sessions ended, and suddenly I found myself talking with friends over dinner which values they find most important in their life, or calling my mom to ask if she experiences limiting beliefs holding her back in life.

I also brought material from Personal Action Plan to our team at work, fostering a meaningful conversation about our energy management. Did you know the mind can stay in a high productive and positive energy for maximum 1-1.5 hours? I suggest you schedule a team coffee this week to discuss that fact. Reflect on how your shared routines can foster recovery and healthy habits, ultimately creating mental well-being and better performances.

In conclusion, the Personal Leadership course by Zumflow is a great way to reflect on your life, understand your motivations and actions, and find inspiration from others. I would like to thank Kristina Zumpolle for the opportunity to participate in this high-level course in personal leadership, and all participants for sharing their stories and insights.

By Alexandra Gummesson
Communication & Marketing
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands


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The following Personal Leadership course by Zumflow starts on September 13, 2024, at 09:00 AM CET. I highly recommend anyone interested in self discovery and personal growth to join Zumflow’s course. The course is created for young and middle leaders, up to director level.

If you would like to know more about Alexandra’s experience, you are welcome to contact me at alexandra.gummesson@swedishchamber.nl