Eva Axelsson, CSO and Head of Group Sustainability at Saab AB, confirmed summit speaker of the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary on November 18, 2021

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The Swedish Chamber is proud to present Eva Axelsson, CSO and Head of Group Sustainability at Saab AB, as one of our prominent summit speakers at the upcoming Swedish Chamber’s 60th anniversary on November 18, 2021.

Eva Axelsson has over 20 years of experience in sustainable business, organizations and authorities, of which the last 8 years in the finance industry. Over the years, Eva has developed organizations, people and methods to combine sustainability with good business in different industries. Today, as CSO and Head of Group Sustainability at Saab AB, Eva has recently joined Saab AB to lead and further develop sustainability strategy and involvement/communication with regulators, institutions and sector organizations.

Eva will contribute with valuable insights to the Swedish-Dutch Innovation & Sustainability Summit which focuses on 21-century Innovation, where the greater trends facing us will be addressed.

For more information, please visit the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Anniversary webpage.