Farwell and thank you from Maria Scharffenberg, Reverend for the Church of Sweden in the Netherlands

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I have had the privilege of being Reverend for the Church of Sweden in the Netherlands for a little bit more than three years. It has been a very challenging and educational time. In 2019, we had to sell our beautiful building and became a congregation without its own church hall. A great challenge and a major transition. In March 2020, the difficulties increased even further as we were unable to meet due to the pandemic. But we are in the business of miracles.  We adapted and quickly changed and now we have both Sunday services and meetings for seniors via Zoom. Contrary to what many thought back then three years ago, our congregation has grown, and today it is a church full of vitality and commitment. Even thou we still don’t have our own place… 

I myself are now on my way to new adventures as Reverend of Idre-Särna parish in northern Dalarna. I will never forget my time here in the Netherlands and look forward to someday returning, but then perhaps only as a tourist.