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Business profile and author Marianne Hamilton turns 75 years old.
Many of our Members will remember the very inspiring webinar on January 26, 2021 when the Swedish Chamber of Commerce was honored to welcome Marianne Hamilton to discuss her book Advice to my dear daughter and gender diversity together with an expert panel.

Listening to Marianne and reading her book it is hard to imagine that Marianne now turns 75 while her advice how to influence your career by finding your own drive and competence feels so very up to date and fits everyone who are interesting in personal development and growth.

Marianne is a true role model by becoming the first woman in Atlas Copco’s management team, where in 1991 she was given responsibility for HR and organizational development. Her ideas still characterize Atlas Copco’s global operations, not least through the internal global job market that she introduced, a process that has been praised by many companies, and the decentralized structure.

Marianne Hamilton’s belief in the individual’s own power and willingness to contribute to results permeates her entire career.
After retiring from Atlas Copco in 2007, she began writing books. Advice to my dear daughter is today published in four languages*) and is used in circles, mentorship programs and as a read-and-ponder book in many countries and companies. An Organizational Philosophy describes Atlas Copco’s journey towards a global internal job market with the principles and guidelines that were set up for success. She has also published three novels.

Marianne Hamilton works tirelessly for everyone – woman or man – to understand for themselves how they can influence their career with the help of their own drive, competence, and attitude.

On July 31, Marianne Hamilton turns 75 years old.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce wishes Marianne a very happy birthday and hope she will continue her important mission for many years to come.

*The Dutch edition, Advies aan mijn lieve dochter, has an introduction by the Chair of Ericsson, Ronnie Leten.