Lunch Talk Katja Berkhout

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On Tuesday March 5, 2019 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Epicenter Amsterdam was very pleased to welcome Katja Berkhout, International Director at StartupDelta – TheNextSeaker – SXSW Pitch advisory board. Katja Berkhout gave a very interesting pitch about Startup Delta and talked about how women can have a larger role in creating success stories in business and technology, how to inspire female role models and how Startup Delta work with female startups and founders.


Katja Berkhout is an all-round executive with 14+ years of experience in international business advisory and economic development in Northern America and Europe. She is paving the way for startups at StartupDelta 3.0 – responsible for the scaling program and on a mission to connect our StartupDelta with the world’s leading innovation hubs.


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