Meet Hendrik Jan Guitink: A Passionate Coach and Mentor and sponsor of the Swedish Female Hockey 5 Team

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We’re thrilled to introduce Swe-Cham member Hendrik Jan Guitink, the Managing Partner at AIMS International Netherlands B.V. Hendrik isn’t just a leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting—he’s also the driving force behind the Swedish Chamber Mentorship Program, where he helps nurture young professionals by connecting them with seasoned business execs.

Hendrik’s passion for coaching extends beyond the boardroom. He’s a big supporter of the Swedish women’s field hockey team. Field hockey might be huge in the Netherlands, but it’s also growing in Sweden, thanks to efforts from teams in Göteborg and Stockholm.
Last year, the Swedish women’s national team in the fast-paced version of the sport, Hockey 5’s, debuted at the Euro Championships, finishing in 8th place—a fantastic achievement given their lack of official ranking. This team, made up of young women from across Europe with Swedish passports, is gearing up for another shot at the Eurohockey 5’s Championships in Poland this July.

Hendrik is super proud of the team and supports them however he can. Despite their dedication, these athletes often fund their travel and training. The Svenska Landhockey Förbundet, which oversees the sport in Sweden, doesn’t have the financial resources to support the team fully.

“That’s where AIMS International Netherlands B.V. steps in. We’re backing the team and following their journey with immense pride. We’d love for more members of the Swedish Chamber to join us in supporting these fantastic athletes. Any help is welcome—whether it’s sponsorships, donations, or simply cheering them on during their training camps in the Netherlands. Let’s rally together and support the next generation of field hockey stars!”

– Hendrik Jan Guitink

For more information or to get involved, contact Hendrik Jan Guitink at or call him at +31 6 24866395.