Meet Ingrid Tappin, keynote speaker for Tech Talent and Diversity In tech, May 23

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We are proud to present Ingrid Tappin, CEO and Founder of Diversity Leaders in Tech, as the keynote speaker for the insightful event “Tech Talent & Diversity in Tech”, presented by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and KPMG Meijburg & CO on May 23, 2024! This event moves beyond the WHY diversity strategy is needed, and instead focuses on the HOW.

“Whether it’s in the workplace or in society at large, we all have a responsibility and a right to use our talents for good. It’s not enough to simply recognise the need for change; we must also take action to make it happen.”

Ingrid Tappin is on a mission to set the standard for DEI Excellence in European tech, leading the very first community driven DEI Platform in the Netherlands. Through Diverse Leaders in Tech’ss data-led approach, peer-to-peer learning solutions and DEI partner network, Tappin’s social impact venture helps companies attract, retain and leverage the innovation power of DEI; powered by tech and at scale.

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