Meet Jennie Rosén, CEO SWEDISH FASHION COUNCIL one of the speakers at the #NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 upcoming Webinar WE KNOW NOW.| Awareness raising  

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Swedish Fashion Council is an independent organization founded in 1979. It has the aim to promote, educate and innovate the Swedish fashion industry to become competitive and sustainable in all areas. The Swedish Fashion Council supports emerging talent who will ultimately shape the future of fashion. Swedish Fashion Council is also frequently hired as an advisor and for customized seminars, moderators on fashion, interior and lifestyle phenomenon both national as well as international. Over the years we have worked with most Swedish brands within the fashion, interior and trade industry.

Today SFC offer “Fashion Intelligence” – business intelligence that focuses on the digitization, sustainability within the fashion and interior design industry as well as consumer behaviour. Swedish Fashion Council´s team consists of an international network of designers, trend analysts and journalists together we create sharp analysis of fashion and lifestyle developments.

“Swedish Fashion Council has grown to a relevant and strong institution. The aim is to continue to develop Swedish Fashion Council and in the long run position Swedish fashion as globally leading. I want to encourage the cooperation and increased engagement from companies and politicians to be able to create sustainable and innovative mergers between the different industries that leads to development of existing actors and more interesting start-ups. I also want to keep carry on the important work with research, sustainability and fashion tech to the next level. Develop and encourage more design talents and take care of the history we have created, by strengthen the position of fashion within the art world,” says Jennie Rosén.