Meet Jørgen Höppener GM at Budbee at YP’s first Business Insights

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On October 21, 2020 the YP Members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce will have the opportunity to meet with Jørgen Höppener, GM at Budbee at the first YP Business Insights. Don’t miss out on this great possibility to learn more about  Budbee’s journey from the Nordics to the Netherlands, and how Jørgen built his team in the Netherlands and the strategies they used to successfully enter this new market. After the interview we open up for questions and discussions from all the participants.

A brief introduction to Jørgen Höppener:
“You couldn’t tell from my name but I was born and raised in the Netherlands and lived for a short while in Italy in my youth. I was 30 years old and a big fan of football. After finishing Econometrics in Rotterdam, I went into strategy consulting, because I wanted to work with analytics and business. Being in the consultancy business I worked with many different companies ranging from very large corporates to smaller startups and scaleups in many different sectors, such as e-commerce, retail, transport and insurance. That has given me the leverage to be able to do this job that I am doing today at Budbee. I moved to Budbee because it is a great challenge to actually build something from scratch. We offer a great product that I really believe is needed on the market. In the short time that we have been on the Dutch market I have been able to build up and scale my own team.”


We are looking forward to hear more from Jørgen and how he took Budbee to a whole new market.


Go to our event page to sign up and hope to see you October 21!