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Swedish Chamber proudly welcomes our newest member Linden-IT! Find below Linden-IT’s introduction to the Swedish Chamber community. Welcome!


We would like to formally introduce our company, Linden-IT. We are a secondment company for IT-professionals. We already second IT-professionals from various disciplines for 8 years. For example, application management, BI/Data, development, servicedesk, low-code and system administration. We are located in The Netherlands and Sweden. We’re very happy to participate in the Chamber and look forward to get in touch with other members.

Labor market research

Linden-IT has conducted its annual labor market research. Some very striking insights have emerged from this. 1 in 5 Dutch companies are growing less rapidly due to a shortage of IT staff. As a result, 20% of companies are even making less profit! Many companies are willing to go the extra mile to find suitable IT-talent due to the tight labor market. This includes hiring employees from abroad or investing extra in training. Linden-IT believes that investing in training for local talent is the solution. Linden-IT places IT-professionals from various disciplines and offers them a continuous training plan. We provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that the local IT-sector can continue to grow. Read more about this in our blog and download the full research here: Één op vijf Nederlandse bedrijven groeit minder hard door tekort IT-medewerkers | Linden-IT.

Secondment works!  

Finding and retaining qualified IT staff is becoming increasingly challenging. Meanwhile, more complex IT challenges are also emerging. By opting for secondment, you gain quick access to qualified IT-professionals for specific projects. Whether it’s software development, system implementation, or network management. As a secondment provider, we can provide the required expertise. Additionally, secondment is flexible; an IT-professional can be deployed for both short and long-term projects. Scaling up can also be done quickly, allowing your organization to grow rapidly and keep up with new market developments.

Trends and developments IT 2024

2024 has gotten off to a flying start, bringing yet another year filled with interesting trends and developments. To start, artificial intelligence continues its relentless advancement. Intelligent systems are becoming increasingly adept at comprehending complex data, allowing IT-professionals to focus more on strategic tasks. Additionally, in 2024, it’s more crucial than ever to implement advanced security measures. Furthermore, sustainable technology is rapidly increasing in usage. This results in lower long-term operational costs, fosters innovation, and promotes socially responsible business practices.


Would you like to get in touch?

Contact our CEO, Gerbert Jan Valk, or our Managing Director Sweden Par Wahlin,