Meet the moderator for #NordicTalks, Johanna Lund Rockliffe, Enact

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Last, but certainly not least, we proudly present our fantastic moderator for #NordicTalks 2017, Johanna Lund Rockliffe, Enact.

Johanna Lund Rockliffe is a professional facilitator and process leader, amongst others in the Management Programmes of the Swedish Institute for international business leaders (SIMP). Johanna spent eight years as a consultant in education for sustainable development, primarily to the Swedish Council for Higher Education and its SIDA-funded programme the Global School. Johanna has worked with education related to different aspects of sustainability, as a coordinator, process leader and author of educational materials. Johanna has extensive experience of organizing training programmes in international contexts, including in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain and Guatemala. She has a master in Latin American studies from Cambridge University.

As a moderator for #NordicTalks – No time to waste! Johanna will be steering the discussions and Q&A’s during the conference, making sure that we get to the core of the topic – UN Sustainable Development Goals. With her intriguing background withing sustainable development, we feel very honored and excited to be presenting Johanna as our moderator!

Registration for the Nordic Business Forum, #NordicTalks 2017, is still open for you to secure your spot, click here to do it now!

Johanna Lund Rockliffe, Enact