Meet the YP Committee

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The Young Professionals network is a unique organization, built for its members to feel at home. Driven individuals from all kind of professions and companies sharing their love for Swedish traditions and culture as well as their eagerness to learn and celebrate the Dutch ways of doing things. Many of the YP members have a rich international background having studied, lived or worked in many countries. This gives the network a unique mix of people and renowned dynamic atmosphere.

The YP Committee is crucial for the Swedish Chamber to monitor and support the network. The YP Committee’s commitment and motivation is the foundation for the continuous organization of activities for the YP Members. They provide platforms where YP Members can feel at home and get to know new people, meet friends and build a professional network that can be valuable not only for business purposes but for social development. Simply put – place for Business and Pleasure.

The YP Committee listens to the demands and needs of the YP Members and takes advantage of their great network to share and achieve great events and networking opportunities. The Members of the YP Committee all have a big interest and knowledge in Swedish/Dutch activities and bilateral developments and they also have an extensive network to support their cause.

At this moment, the YP Committee is busy preparing the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary. Yes, that is right! YP has already been around for 10 years within the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. If you do the math you will soon realize how many Young Professionals who have been attending events as Queen’s Day, King’s Day, Lucia, Company presentations and After Works. Let us all join forces for a grand evening celebrating the network and all the greatness YP have succeeded with over the years. Welcome to the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary on September 22. For more information please see upcoming events!

YP Committee today consists of 5 members of the Young Professionals together with Johanna Lundmark – intern Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Elin Hellquist – Chairperson
Sophie Hansson
Henrik Enkel Larsson
Magnus Nolgren
Rens Ramakers