NordicCE2020 Webinar, May 11 – What is the role of Circular Economy in the post Covid-19 world?

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Thank you to everyone who participated and engaged in yesterday’s Webinar about “What is the role of Circular Economy in the post Covid-19 world?”.

A special thanks to the fantastic speakers for sharing their insights and their strategies on how to move forward.


Here are some concluding sentences from Moderator  Andrea Orsag to sum up yesterday’s Webinar:

– The only way forward for Europe if we want to ensure a liveable inclusive future is a Green Recovery based on supporting businesses and initiatives helping to lower emissions and creating more equal society for all – with the use of technology, digitalisation and green strategies.

– Role of Circular Economy is even more important now than ever since it can help businesses to future proof their strategy, engage stakeholders including the customers in new ways while better capturing the value of resources: design for longevity, repairs, modularity and sharing.

– We need leadership – on European, country and local level to collaborate and cooperate, build on what works, scale the solutions and take action NOW.

– Taxing rules and the redistribution of subsidies needs to change – to increase the value of resources, motivating the reuse and preventing waste and pollution

– There needs to be a new narrative and story to give direction to the possible future we strive for, why it matters and how everyone is a very important part of it: System Change, Business Change and also staying true to the personal values and acting on them.

The photo shows the speakers;

Harald Friedl, Global leader on Circular Economy and Systems Change | COP 26 Global Climate Champion Team | Adviser to Circle Economy

Freek van Eijk, Director Holland Circular Hotspot

Marthe Haugland, Senior Innovation Advisor Nordic Innovation

Cathrine Barth, Co-Founder CircularNorway

Moderator Andrea Orsag, Founder MissionC

The photo is showing the result of a poll that was answered by the audience of the Webinar, May 11.

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