Partinc Capital continues to invest in Dutch SaaS company TIE Kinetix

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Stockholm, DEC 23, 2022, 08:00 CET.

The Swedish investment company Partinc Capital AB, member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce buys shares for 580 KEuro in the SaaS company TIE Kinetix N.V. Patron Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. By this follow up investment Partinc Capital owns more than 10% of the company. TIE Kinetix, which is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, develops applications to streamline the transfer of business documents between different organizations.

TIE Kinetix offers a software-based system located in the cloud. The company is well established in several major geographic markets such as the US, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. With the help of TIE Kinetix’s system, businesses can quickly and easily transfer different types of business documents such as invoices, orders and order confirmations to authorities, customers, and suppliers. No doubt, the trend in global supply chain communication is towards 100% digitization. With the FLOW Platform Tie Kinetix in 2021 processed 81 million digital documents which essentially contribute to the sustainability strategy for their partners and customers. We see many European governments are launching initiatives in this field. With its solutions for from large global enterprises to small companies TIE Kinetix has a pole position in this rapidly growing market.

“Since I first entered the board for four years ago the company has developed in a very interesting direction. Based on a very good funding position the company has during 2022 invested in interesting areas as converting customers to a SaaS-model, recruitment, partners etc. One can already identify effects of this investments even if 2023 will be little bit of a consolidation year. From 2024 we assume to see the fully effects of all good efforts as been executed”, says Per Nordling, partner and chairman of Partinc Capital.

“Partinc Capital has extensive international experience in driving growth in SaaS companies. The fact that they now increase their ownership in the company is a strong indication that we are on right track” says Michiel Wolfswinkel, CFO TIE Kinetix.