Prinsjesdag 2023: The new Dutch Government Budget

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Today, on Prinsjesdag, the Netherlands witnessed a pivotal moment in its political calendar as the Dutch government unveiled its budget for the year ahead. This annual tradition takes place in The Hague, with the King delivering a speech. The day outlines the government’s financial priorities and policy agenda for the coming year. This year’s budget presentation was closely watched, with a focus on, for instance, energy, defense and security, housing, transport, healthcare, education, and measures to address pressing social issues. As the nation anticipates the details, Prinsjesdag serves as a symbolic and practical reminder of the government’s role in shaping the future of the Netherlands.

Swedish Chamber member Public Matters writes the following:

“On Budget Day (known as ‘Prinsjesdag’), the third Tuesday of September, the Dutch government announces its plans and ambitions for the coming year. Traditionally, the King is first to present the plans in his annual King’s Speech (‘Troonrede’).

This year (yesterday – 19 September), the current caretaker Cabinet of Prime Minister Rutte presented its 2024 budget of a total of 433,6 billion euros, including a deficit of 30,7 billion euros. Key measures include a 2 billion euro plan to boost purchasing power and prevent more households from falling into poverty, and higher taxes for wealthier households and smaller businesses.

After yesterday’s presentation, a cycle of parliamentary debates will follow. The budgets of all ministries must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate, but it’s yet unclear whether this will happen before or after the upcoming national elections on 22 November this year.”

Read more about the details of the Dutch Government Budget for the upcoming year on Public Matter’s website here.