Special Member offer from Quinyx

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With the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting work and life all over the world, Swedish Chamber Member Quinyx, a workforce management solution, has decided to offer employers free access to their communications modules and mobile app.
Their communications module allows employers to securely and seamlessly message their workforce and it is designed to support quick and easy communication between employers and front-line deskless staff, who often do not have a formal, instant communications channel in place.
Quinyx will provide the communications module and app free of charge for six months, to help employers manage the health and safety of their remote workers and the wider public. The solution can be used to help employers keep all employees updated on the status of the organisation, staff needs, changes to opening hours and new policies or procedures as a result of the pandemic.
If you think this could help you and your business, please read more here:
or get in contact with Quinyx directly at Sam.mirson@quinyx.com.