Sustainability Insights – by Strömma

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the second edition of our new series “Sustainability Insights”. For this new series, we invite our corporate Members to share insights into their Sustainability Strategies. The Insights will be shared monthly with our network and lead up to the “Driving the Green Transition Together” event on December 15, 2023. Today we are very pleased to welcome Strömma to share their Sustainability Insights.

“There is a sense of pride among everyone involved in working with the sustainability transition,” says Carola Hoekstra, CEO Strömma Netherlands.

Strömma Strategy
Our ambition is to make sustainability a part of everything we do and integrated in all our business activities. We want to take the lead in the tourism industry and make sustainability a priority. We work towards replacing fossil fuels with renewable fuels, reducing our use of resources, purchase and using raw materials with the best possible environmental performance whenever possible. And we will continuously measure and strive to improve our performance. We want to be an active voice for increased knowledge on environmental issues and take part in discussions that relate to our business, the tourism industry.

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