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We must all change working practices and overcome challenges together. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomes members to join us to offer professional information and assistance to all members within our business network.

Contact us if you need a sparring partner and/or professional juridical or financial advice or any other professional guiding. We have a wide range of professionals and companies in our network who can help and support you and your business. Many of them have knowledge and long time experience of doing business in both Sweden and the Netherlands. We will make a personal connection with you to relevant member companies.

Welcome to contact us if you have a specific issue and we will help you finding the right person or organisation to help you.

Welcome also to all our Member companies to contact us and inform us how they can help fellow members with their expertise in these challenging times. Special offers and member services will be published on the Swedish Chamber of Commerce website with a link to your company and made public in our social media channels.