Swe-Cham Member and Patron Company Digital Captains becomes Captains

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Delft January 7, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: The most undiscovered agency of The Netherlands reveals itself
From today onwards on the radar, in an extraordinary office and with a brand new name

Unobserved and off the grid, but already in the digital era, the last few years an agency has been secretly growing with a surprisingly impressive portfolio. With Koeman on Wembley, Van der Sar in Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram and closer to home the Chamber of Commerce, Wasserman, PostNL, the city The Hague and Huawei as clients. That agency used to be called Digital Captains and as of today it will be known as Captains.

Captains is a contemporary translation of a digital media & creative production agency. With production and distribution under one roof; makers and marketeers at the drawing table of each project. A full focus on storytelling, because ordinary commercials and random Facebook-posts can be created by any other agency.

Delft former railway station
Meanwhile there are almost 25 captains working at Captains, has it a very own football label called ARCH Football – which creates the best storytelling in football – and the agency recently moved into the former railway station of Delft. A building that is both inspiring and prestigious. In a sense, the building simply airs creativity.

‘It is the combination of old and new that distinguishes us’, says co-founder Jop Goslinga. ‘Storytelling is an ancient way of communicating, digital media relatively young. We are fascinated by both, which makes us a company driven by contrasts. Creativity and technology don’t always go well together in the office, but we make it work. An untameable creative editor works alongside a data analyst. You’d think ‘that won’t work’, but it actually works out really well. They are learning a lot from each other. Even outside the office, about life.’

Fast growing

Captains was established four years ago as Digital Captains. At that time, the two founders Remy Steijger and Goslinga were on their own. ‘We certainly did not expect to grow this fast’, tells Steijger. ‘We hoped for it, because ambition has driven us from the start. We believe it’s time for a new media agency, which has a different structure, with a focus on quality and new generations. Our website strongly quotes “Moving people through stories”, and in an era of mass-content it defines exactly what we’re aiming for. That is what we do.’

Captains does not only work for brands, but also for media such as television- and digital channels. Goslinga: ‘We’re good in producing and distributing content, so why wouldn’t we offer that to the media as well?, we thought years ago.’ The most memorable cases of the previous year were for Huawei, Onefootball, Ziggo Sport and the city The Hague.

Together with athlete management company Wasserman, Captains created for Huawei a campaign to launch the pay-off of the company – Make it possible – to the Dutch. For the city of The Hague the channel Be Hague was built; a channel with stories from and about the city featured on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. A wide range of all sorts of videos – vlogs, reports, mini-docs and campaign videos – make that more and more young citizens of The Netherlands consider either living, working or studying in The Hague. Cristiano Ronaldo was featured in a campaign for the Edwin van der Sar Foundation in December 2018 and we created 24 mini-documentaries for Onefootball that compiled close to ten million viewers.

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