Swe-Cham Member UP THERE, EVERYWHERE celebrates 10 years

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to congratulate Swe-Cham member UP THERE, EVERYWHERE – The Global Cloud Based Agency with their 10th Anniversary. Thank  you for the pleasent collaboration during the years and we are looking forward to many more to come.

We are happy to share UP THERE, EVERYWHERE’s interview with Julian Stubbs, UP CEO and and one of the two founders of the agency.



This week marks the tenth anniversary since the creation of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE – The Global Cloud Based Agency. We interviewed Julian Stubbs, UP CEO and one of the two founders of the agency.

Julian, a ten year anniversary and ten million euros in sales. That’s a nice coincidence. 

Julian: Yes, well it’s closer to eleven million euros in sales but ten and ten make a better headline!

Then will it take another ten years to get to €20 million euros in sales? 

I hope not. Actually we’ve had a couple of real growth spurts during the ten years, and in the last three years we have doubled our size. We believe with our business model we are capable of doubling in size again more easily. Our strategy is a really simple one: Everything Everywhere. Basically offering an ever wider range of services, wherever our clients want them. This will really fuel our growth. Added to this we made our first acquisition back in 2019, when we bought the UK digital agency DPC, now DPC+UP. We have a number of other similar initiatives we’re looking at.


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