Keynote Speaker Swedish Chamber Luncheon Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz

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We are proud to present Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz as our Honorary Guest & Keynote Speaker at the Swedish Chamber Luncheon on April 20, 2023 at Hilton Hotel Amsterdam!

Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz will be presenting the Biography of Ehsan Turabaz which was launched last month at Inter IKEA Systems in Delf. For more information about the event and to sign up, please see the Event Section in this Newsletter. The Swedish Chamber Luncheon is open to all members, YP members, and relations of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Last year, on March 6, Ehsan Turabaz, international relations leader at Inter-IKEA, former chair of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, honorary consul general, and founder of the Friends of Afghanistan foundation, passed away at a much too young age. In the book Ehsan Turabaz, which can be ordered from now on, his wife Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz pays tribute to him, his life, and his commitment to his homeland.

The Swedish Chamber Luncheon is taking place directly after the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting.

Program in Brief AGM and Chamber Luncheon

Please note it is possible to sign up for AGM and Chamber Luncheon separately.

10.45 Arrival and Coffee

11:00-Opening of the  Annual General Meeting, Annual Report, Transaction of ordinary business

12.15  Drinks and reception

12.30 Chamber Luncheon Keynote Speaker and Honorary Guest Marloes Borsboom-Turabaz

14.15 End

We welcome members and relations to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce to join the Chamber Luncheon.  You are very welcome to invite a guest.


Biography Ehsan Turabaz

The book gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a man who has devoted himself wholeheartedly to building his life here and improving the lives of Afghans. The book takes you along in his life story: from his flight from the country that is so dear to him, from his (board) positions at IKEA and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce to the political developments that led to the current situation in Afghanistan. The book also describes, with many anecdotes, how Ehsan has enriched the lives of many through his power of connection. The book Ehsan Turabaz can be bought after the Chamber Luncheo or you can order it via or be bought at the bookstores Bruna (Herenstraat, Rijswijk) or Paagman (Frederik Hendriklaan, Den Haag). The entire proceeds of the book benefit the Friends of Afghanistan foundation. To complete his mission.


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April 20, 2023 Swedish Chamber 63rd Annual General Meeting & Chamber Luncheon