Team5pm becomes data driven content group — acquires social media agency Lijm Amsterdam

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With enhanced specialization, Swedish Chamber member team5pm becomes the data-driven partner for the CMO of the future!

Over the past five years, team5pm has evolved from a YouTube agency to a data-driven video agency, serving clients such as HEMA, Prime Video, KPN, and bol, and expanding its presence with new offices in South Africa, Stockholm, and most recently Warsaw. With the acquisition of social media agency Lijm Amsterdam, the company enhances its specialized knowledge of platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. The ambition is to continue growing as a group with additional acquisitions in the near future.

With a rebranding and the acquisition of Lijm Amsterdam, the founders are taking a step toward becoming the first content group that is 100% data-driven.

“We’ve built a wonderful team of talented people and a list of very nice clients over the past few years,” said Jelmer Wind, CEO of team5pm. “The golden formula is our way of turning data into effective video content. We want to provide our clients with the insights necessary to effectively communicate their narrative across all platforms, and we’re advancing this approach by forming a group.”

Last year, the number of branded videos on social media grew by 29%.

“Due to the high demand for social content, we have grown rapidly as a social media agency,” said Lars Reimink, co-founder and Managing Director at Lijm Amsterdam. “This move puts us in a unique position in the market and makes us the go-to partner for the CMO of the future. Using data, we take the guessing out of social marketing and create creative content that guarantees results. We are very happy to embark on this next chapter together with team5pm.”

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