Thank you by Kathy Dolk

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“2007 was an exciting year for me. As a 30-something I started my own business and started what was then called the Junior Chamber JCC under close guidance of Kerstin Gerlagh. By 2013 I was no longer considered a Young Professional (or indeed young), and I was happy to join the ‘seniors’ as a Treasurer / Board member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Now my board membership ends as well, but this is not goodbye.

With my companies DolkHesper, Stockholm Business Support and Amsterdam Business Support, I will keep working for Swedish businesses that expand into The Netherlands and Europe and vice versa. Also, as a director of T Ljungberg BV, a Patron member of the Swedish Chamber since 2020, I will keep being an active member and look forward to many more events and occasions to meet up. Thank you, Kerstin, student trainees, Ehsan and all board members for keeping the Swedish Chamber so alive and kicking!

See you soon, live and on-line!” Kathy Dolk

Thanks from the Chairman

“Kathy has been serving the Swedish Chamber for two terms of 4 years and the maximum term for a Board Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. She has been serving as Treasurer for the Swedish Chamber for four years and also been a driving force for the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber among others. We would like to thank Kathy for her great contribution to the Chamber as well as loyal commitment and engagement in its wellbeing and prosperous development. This is not goodbye since Kathy is a very valuable member of the Chamber and we are looking forward to continuing the good relation and stay close in touch with you.” Ehsan Turabaz – Chairman