Thank You for attending Swe-Cham Launch Diversity and Inclusion Breakfast

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On June 29, 2023, we had the pleasure of launching the Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast series by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This event was hosted by Volvo Car Netherlands BV and aimed to inspire and empower business leaders in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. The morning began with a delightful breakfast, followed by a presentation from Patricia van Hazendonk, People Experience & Competence and Management Team Member at Volvo Cars Netherlands, who shared insights into Volvo Cars’ Diversity & Inclusion strategy and the Volvo Family Bond Program.

Next, Wendy Broersen, CEO/Founder of Superpeople Company, took the stage. Wendy is an esteemed international expert in gender diversity and inclusion, serving as a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and author of the book ‘NOT for HR.’ With her company, Superpeople Company, she assists organizations both domestically and internationally in attracting and retaining more diverse talent and fostering optimal development. During this interactive session on Diversity and Inclusion, Wendy discussed the different stages an organization goes through on the path to inclusivity, highlighting key focus areas, recommended actions for each stage, and strategies for achieving optimal results. Participants also had the opportunity to reflect on their own organizations, identify their current phase, and determine the next steps to take.

We extend our gratitude to Herrik van der Gaag, Managing Director at Volvo Car Germany GmbH & Volvo Car Netherlands BV, for hosting the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s first D&I Breakfast. We would also like to thank the speakers and Roger van Polanen Petel, PR & Communication Manager at Volvo Cars Netherlands, for his efforts in organizing and moderating the session.

We are excited to announce that our next D&I Breakfast, which will be a combination event with the Swedish Chamber Tech Table series – Diversity in Tech, will take place on September 14. SKF Netherlands will be hosting this event. For more information, click here.


We look forward to welcoming you!