Last session of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program 2022-2023

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We would like to give a big thank you to all Mentors and Mentees of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program 2022/2023 for their great contributions and for making the program to a great success together. On May 30, 2023 we had our final session, and we would like to thank the participants in this session for their great input and evaluation. A special thanks to Hendrik Jan Guitink for his excellent and inspiring leadership of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program. We are very grateful for the pleasant collaboration and to have his professional guidance and we are super excited to welcome him back the for next Mentorship Program series this fall. Yesterday, the participants of this year received their certificates and we wished them all lots of success. We would like to thank Nils van Dijkman for hosting our last session for this program and for a very pleasant evening at Heussen. Also, thanks to Marianne Hamilton for giving a presentation on her book “Advice to my dear daughter” and some very exciting discussion topics.

Keep your eyes open for our next Mentorship Program Series starting this fall!