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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce cordially thanks Noviflora Holland BV for the fantastic collaboration and for making it possible to, again, enjoy their amazing flower arrangements this time at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary on June 7, 2022, at Hotel Okura.

The diplomatic and trade relations between Sweden and the Netherlands go back a long time and every time we have had a reason for celebrations whether it has been the 50th Anniversary of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands or Swedish – Dutch 400 years of friendship and diplomatic relations, Noviflora has supported us and contributed with the loveliest flower arrangements for a festive and beautiful ambiance. As one of the leading floral export companies in Europe and with a close relation to Sweden, Noviflora offers an extensive, high-quality assortment of over 12,000 fresh green & flowering plants and cut flowers. When it comes to sustainability, Noviflora’s thumbs are decidedly green. They care about our planet and our environment and take the social and entrepreneurial responsibility to minimize their ecological footprint very seriously. Noviflora strives to bridge the gap between sustainable entrepreneurship and commercial reality, and always tries to find the right balance between a healthy environment and strong financial results. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud of our collaboration for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary and we are looking forward to surprising our guests with Noviflora’s beautiful flower arrangements.

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