This is how SCI Facilitates Swedish Companies to Do Business Internationally

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Swedish Chambers International (SCI) makes it easier for Swedish companies to do business internationally. Stockholm Chamber of Commerce is part of SCI, which is an umbrella organization for Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad. The purpose of SCI is to strengthen the Swedish brand internationally, facilitate global business for Swedish companies, and exchange experiences among members of the network. Approximately 30 Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad are affiliated with SCI, representing a significant part of the Swedish business community globally.

The Swedish Chambers of Commerce abroad play a phenomenal role in facilitating global business for Swedish companies. They act as both bridge builders and door openers for Swedish companies looking to establish themselves internationally. This is more important now than ever before, according to Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of SCI.

Together with the rest of the board, SCI works to promote deepened relationships and collaborations across borders, with the goal of enabling Swedish companies to do even more international business.

“We must accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society. By strengthening Swedish companies’ business ideas, solutions, and innovations globally, we can speed up the climate transition. In this regard, SCI plays an immensely important role in helping us meet the challenges we face and seize the opportunities that arise,” says Andreas Hatzigeorgiou.

Victor Öman, Business Development Manager at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, is the coordinator for the SCI network. This means that he manages the operational aspects, such as convening and preparing board meetings, managing members, and communication.

“As the coordinator, my role also includes project managing SCI Day, a full day once a year in Stockholm where all members of the SCI network meet and exchange experiences and inspiration,” says Victor Öman.

In March of this year, a strategic board meeting for SCI was held in Paris, where the future strategic direction was discussed. One of the key points that emerged from the meeting was the need to better communicate the inherent strengths of the network in order to further develop business. One step towards achieving this goal is to obtain more resources to drive this effort, including bringing in a scholar who can contribute to this work, according to Victor Öman.

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Credits: Christian Gustavsson och Josefine Bäckström