Welcome New Member and Award winner- Lynk & Co.

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce gives a warm welcome to new Member and Award winner of the Swedish Chamber Entrepreneurship Award 2021 Lynk & Co.

Lynk & Co is the Netflix of cars. You subscribe to it via monthly payments. You do not buy, own, maintain, insure, register, or take care of anything except for driving. It’s all-inclusive! Lynk & Co sells directly to customers, online only. Cars are displayed in flagship stores, or the members club as Lynk & Co likes to call it. You may have seen the store on Rokin street in Amsterdam.

Lynk & Co offers mobility solutions and experiences rather than just seling cars and car sharing is built into the service. Since cars stand still 96% of the time, smart mobility solutions are key enablers for the sustainable future of this industry.

Lynk & Co is co-owned between Geely Group and Volvo Cars. Its international headquarters is based in Gothenburg. And it has chosen to base some of its key functions here in the Netherlands, like its European engagement center in Maastricht with more than 40 employees.

We are looking forward to bringing together Lynk & Co with our business network and to a fruitful and exciting collaboration.