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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to welcome Stina Lindmark for Lindmark Legal as new member.

After a large number of years as an employee in various legal settings, I recently decided to try my wings as an entrepreneur. My unique selling point is also my passion: the combination of Swedish roots & language and Dutch law. Over the past years, I have discovered that when working with parties that are somehow related to Sweden, I tend to work with a smile on my face. I am proud of being Swedish and at the same time I enjoy living in the Netherlands and practising Dutch law. So this is what I have decided to invest my time and energy in. Hence: Lindmark Legal!

Obviously, I will continue providing my clients with Dutch legal advice, mainly in the field of corporate and business law. Assisting clients with mergers and acquisitions and drafting and assessing contracts is what I do best, from a legal perspective. But next to that, I would like to provide that little extra that clients can gain from my language skills and my experience with doing business between Sweden and the Netherlands.

Swedish clients entering the Dutch market by start-up, acquisition, distribution relationship or otherwise. Or Dutch clients doing business in Sweden or with Swedes. Both type of client can gain from my language skills (I am fluent in Swedish, Dutch and English) and the fact that I know my way around both the Swedish and the Dutch business culture.

Also, my netwerk in both Sweden and the Netherlands can be put to use for my clients. My working experience within a tax-firm, a management providing company (trust company) and law-firms has left me with a vast network of specialists in various fields.

My aim is to, like the Öresund bridge connects Sweden with mainland Europe, make the connection between Sweden and the Netherlands that you need to optimise your business. Check out my website to see what Lindmark Legal can do for you. Please also feel free to drop me an e-mail or give me a ring for a free consult.


Stina Lindmark


PO Box 59718

1040 LE Amsterdam

phone: +31 88 0110 672

mobile: +31 6255 18 993

stina@lindmarklegal.nl www.lindmarklegal.nl