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A warm welcome to the new Swedish Chamber Member Team5pm!


Team5pm expands in the Nordics with a Stockholm-based team

After a one-year trial in Sweden in which YouTube agency Team5pm has been scoping the
Nordic market, the company is now levelling up by opening its own Nordic office in
Stockholm with a new Managing Director and native Co-founders. By bundling years of
YouTube expertise with data insights and research, Team5pm brings their unique approach
to video marketing to the Nordics.

Team5pm is Europe’s first YouTube agency and the strategic video partner to brands and
publishers. By offering in-house strategy, content creation, paid and organic distribution and
brand measurement – all based on data – the agency’s goal is to innovate how companies
utilise video. With offices in Amsterdam, Cape Town and Stockholm, our team of +100 video
experts are globally networked with national and international clients such as Prime Video,
Unilever, Volkswagen and PlayStation. Our video cases have won prizes from (inter)national
award shows, like The Webby Awards, The Global Search Awards and The European Video

YouTube Strategist Stijn Smulders runs the Team5pm Nordics location as Managing
Director, together with former We Are Era Nordics CEO and COO Natalie Tideström
Heidmark and Nicolin Lillhage – as Co-founders. The team of thirteen video specialists from
Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland combines in-depth knowledge from YouTube, TikTok
and other video-driven platforms with a vast understanding of the Nordic market.
Jelmer Wind, CEO of Team5pm, is proud of our Nordic expansion. “Team5pm is Europe’s
first full-service YouTube agency and the strategic video partner to brands and publishers.”
Jelmer Wind shares, “We help clients to innovate their use of video by offering strategy,
content creation, distribution – both organic and paid – and brand measurement. We work
data-driven, which means we conduct research on consumer behaviour, trends, platforms
and relevant markets. We transform these insights into video products for YouTube, TikTok
and video platforms. A combination, which is unique to the current market. ”
Nicolin Lilhage and Natalie Tideström Heidmark join Team5pm Nordics as Co-founders
Nicolin Lillhage has a Google background and spent the past years working closely with
Sweden’s largest YouTube channels. “Being the second largest search engine in the world, 8
out of 10 Swedes use YouTube as their go-to source for entertainment, inspiration and
information. The platform offers huge opportunities to brands who want to gain quality
attention from their target audience through their own content and channels.” Nicolin
continues, “I’m amazed by Team5pm’s data-driven approach which helps brands to serve
their target group with video content that offers value. I am excited to put my ten years of
YouTube experience into practice by helping even more clients thrive on YouTube and

Being active in several boards of directors, Natalie Tideström Heidmark is looking forward to
joining Team5pm Nordics: “I’m impressed by Team5pm’s journey so far. In just four years,
they’ve added three offices and over a hundred employees to their name. After meeting the
team for the first time, I knew right away that I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. With their
in-house expertise and data-driven approach to video marketing, they offer something new
to the market. I can’t wait to expand this to the Nordics.”