Welcome to our new member Markedly!

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The Swedish Chamber is very proud to present Markedly as the newest member of our business network!

Introduction from Markedly

We are a trademark agency and specialize in the protection of intellectual property such as trademarks, designs, copyright, tradenames etc.
Our work consists of assisting companies on clearing their marks (and other assets) in Benelux and Europe, assisting with the entire registration process and – if needed – assisting if an infringement of our client’s rights occurs. We furthermore help in devising IP strategies and effecting due diligence searches.

Our clients consist of foreign companies who are expanding and wish to protect their rights in NL/Europe, as well as local companies who wish to protect their rights internationally. Due to our Amsterdam base, we also assist a considerable number of Dutch startups and scaleups, particularly those in the field of sustainability and renewable energy.

We are very happy to participate in the Chamber and look forward to get in touch with other members and connecting our respective networks.
Our offices are a 5 minutes walk from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and our doors are always open for a good cup of coffee and an introductory meeting.

Learn more about Markedly here

Would you like to get in touch?
Contact Rinder Pietjouw (IP Consultant) at Rinder@markedly.nl or Peter van der Wees (IP Consultant and partner) at Peter@markedly.nl or call: +31 20 280 6008.