Words of the Chairwoman of the Swedish Chamber Young Professionals, Marta Radinovic Lukic

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Another great and, literally, eventful year is behind us. For the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber, the last year meant another successful year of forming new professional connections, new friendships, hosting old but gold traditions and embarking on new concepts.

What inspired me to join the Young Professionals network of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands during the YP’s 10-year-old anniversary 22 September 2017 was the great energy during the event, the diversity of people and the hot topics discussed that evening – innovation & entrepreneurship. And this is what I still see that drives new people to join our amazing network, and the ‘old’ people to stay. The Young Professional network is a place where Swedes can feel at home away from home, where others can learn how it is to live, work, and socialize in Sweden, and where we blend this all together while indulging in the Dutch culture. The network is also a place where we create new professional connections, learn about new industries and topics, and through which many of us find new job opportunities.

In the year of 2019 we did all of the above in great spirit through hosting multiple pub quizzes; the Mentorship program and the Women program, numerous lunch talks on hot topics, brought in the light at the Lucia event and networked during numerous afterwork activities. Our move to the Epicenter building in Amsterdam also made us a little bit more, well, epic. We got to join the official opening party of the Epicenter, we get to mingle with the hottest start-up scene in the city on a daily basis, and we can now call the amazing and sustainable building our home. On top of all of this, we introduced a new concept – the collaboration of the Nordic Chambers of Commerce for the Young Professionals. This means that each country will host a new event each quarter, bringing us to new parts of the Netherlands and to new Nordic networks and friends.

It is with a lot of joy I look ahead to 2020; a year where we get to do more events, have more fun, and introduce maybe even more concepts. We would also in 2020 like to focus even more on what the Young Professionals would want us to organize, so if you have ideas – please let us know. And lastly, I hope to see you all soon.

Marta Radinovic Lukic