Your clothes have been given a second life at Dress for Success!

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We wish to extend a big thank you to everyone who dropped off Clothes at the YP Conscious Consumption – Clothes Swap Event, in collaboration with Edge Workspaces.

During the event, participants got to take part in an inspirational speech and styling advice on sustainable fashion, and at the Clothes Swap market, many new (old) favorite pieces of clothes were brought back to a second home.
As for the clothes that were left from the event: we have good news!

After the event on March 23, 8 big bags of suitable office wear were given to the charity Dress for Success.
Dress for Success is a global organization, founded and run by volunteers, that helps both low-income men and women get a free job application outfit.
The organization gives people who need it a set of appropriate and representative clothing free of charge.
The mission of Dress for Success is to empower people to achieve economic independence, with a support network, professional attire, and the development of skills to function better in their work and personal lives.

Dress for Success shared a big thank you for all the clothes and your contributions.
Your given outfit may soon be worn on an interview by a person who is about to reach the next step in their life, career, and in economic independence.

We wish to extend our gratitude and once again, thank you for your contribution!

Photo credit: Hanne Hanssen Photography