April 18, Swedish Chamber and YP Mentorship Program 2024 – Sustainable Leadership – Open for all YP Members

Thursday 18 April 2024
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“Mastering Leadership for the Future – Sustainable Leadership”


On April 18, 2024, the Swedish Chamber and Young Professionals hosted an enriching session on Sustainable Leadership as part of the Mentorship Program 2024, featuring leadership coach Niels Thijssen. With engaging insights drawn from his personal journey, including his experiences coaching Belgium’s elite hockey team, Niels Thijssen delivered a captivating presentation emphasizing the importance of connecting with oneself, the team, and the broader world to cultivate sustainable leadership.

Inspirational and thought-provoking, Thijssen challenged attendees to confront doubts and embrace failure as a pathway to growth and success. Central to his message was the notion of remaining authentic amidst the pressures of leadership.


“People try to limits the risks before trying. Instead, we need to be comfortable with failing forward”

– Niels Thijssen, Professional Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Author


The event fostered lively interaction among participants, sparking meaningful dialogues on self-awareness, transitioning from proving to improving, and nurturing a curious mindset. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Niels for generously sharing his expertise and personal anecdotes, to all attendees for their active participation, and to AIMS International for their valued collaborations. The Swedish Chamber takes is proud to facilitate these pivotal discussions on sustainable leadership.


Speaker: Niels Thijssen, Professional Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Author

“A successful failure. That’s how I like to see myself.”

With a background in organizational sciences, Niels quickly chose the life of an entrepreneur and coach in elite sports. He has won national and European titles in both the Netherlands and Belgium, but he has also experienced failures and losses in finals. Status and fear prevailed over Niels for many years, while intuition and wisdom were lost. Now, he is where he wants to be and helps others harness their full potential with his unique conviction. Read more about Niels here.



About the Swedish Chamber Mentorship Programme
The Mentorship Program was launched in October 2012. Since then, more than 100 Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber have followed the program and benefited from their future personal and professional growth. The many Mentors have benefited from meeting the new generation leaders of the future and learning more about their insights and values. The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with AIMS International Netherlands B.V., a member of AIMS International. Read more here.




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The Presentation by Niels Thijssen is offered free of charge to the Members of the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Limited seats available and registration is compulsory.

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