April 7, 2021 What’s Next?

Wednesday 7 April 2021
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When: April 7, 2021

Time: 12.00 – 12.45 CET

The Swedish Chamber would like to thank all YP-Members and Guests for attending The Swedish Chamber Young Professional webinar: What’s Next? The Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber would like to thank Saby Sengupta for sharing his insights and experience in this inspiring Lunch Talk.

Whats next?

Whats your plan B?

Changing times need us to be future-ready at all times, as companies and as individuals. So, what should we do when adversity creeps into our perfect little world? (hits you in the face?)

One of the big reasons why people often do not change jobs where they are unhappy is because they do not know what to do next. It is an important issue, if you do not change your job, you may be stuck in a position that you hate and is not progressive. In this talk, Sabyasachi Sengupta will share a few steps that one can opt for when you are facing a similar situation and how you can make a career transition.


The “B” in Plan B stands for Backup. Plan B is to make yourself ready to face the unforeseen crisis head-on. This book will help you create a backup plan, so when the tough time arrives, you’ll be prepared and able to steer yourself across the perils of adversity.


Saby mesmerizes his audience with three Es, entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment with a to-do. As a speaker, he will make you laugh, raise thoughts to ponder, and sink in key messages to take home.