February 16, 2021 – DIY Swedish YP Taco Tuesday

Tuesday 16 February 2021
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When: Tuesday February 16, 2021

Time: 18.00 – 19.30

Where: Zoom webinar

The Swedish practice of “fredagsmys”, or cosy Friday, has become something of a national treasure in Sweden since the early 90ths. A respectable cosy Friday is made up of a number of crucial features: Pre-requisites include a comfy sofa, fluffy clothes, friends and family, board games, and something good to watch on TV. And then there’s the food: crisps, pick’n’mix, cheese puffs, pizza, and last but not least, the all-important tacos! Nobody knows exactly how tacos became the national dish of Sweden, but the fact remains that Swedes and Norwegians eat more tacos than any other Europeans.


On February 16, 2021 we welcome you to join the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber in the Netherlands for a fun cook-along followed by taco inspired quiz with a delicious prize sponsored by Santa Maria. Our hosts Gustaf & Benjamin and Jennifer& Hanna will arrange the cook-along in their kitchens and you are welcome to join online and to cook your own favorite taco! Perhaps you will event share your favorite recipe?

In Sweden, tacos are traditionally made using pre-packed taco kits from Santa Maria, even though the conventional filling of heavily spiced ground beef is increasingly being replaced with fish and veggie options.


But a taco night is not just pure joy. Ever since its entry to the list of favorite dishes in Sweden, tacos have caused wild debates about what topping should be on a taco putting the “Fredagsmys” at risk…

One of our hosts are not an exception.
“A tacos without corn is like Amsterdam without canals, totally useless” – Benjamin 
Do you have any musts for you taco? Share them during our cook-along!


We will end Taco Tuesday with a fun taco-inspired quiz with a great Taco Kit Prize sponsored by Santa Maria.


Here are a few recipes to get inspired:

Chicken Quesadillas










Veggie Mango Fajita







Shop your favorite ingredients and tune in for YP Taco cook-along on Tuesday February 16!


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