June 4, Presentation of the Business Climate Survey in the Netherlands 2024

Tuesday 4 June 2024
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“From industrial titans like SKF and Atlas Copco to life science leaders like Astra Zeneca and Getinge, and tech innovators like Spotify and Klarna, the Netherlands is a home away from home for a diverse range of Swedish companies. This 2024 Business Climate Survey, conducted amidst shifting economic and political winds, aims to capture Swedish business leaders’ viewpoints, experiences, and insights in the Netherlands.” – Business Climate Survey for Swedish companies in the Netherlands 2024.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, in collaboration with Business Sweden and the Embassy of Sweden, was very pleased to organize the unveiling of the results of the Business Climate Survey in the Netherlands 2024, hosted by Handelsbanken Netherlands.

The inspiring event featured a keynote speech by Per-Arne Hjelmborn, Director-General for Trade at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He emphasized the survey’s importance in understanding the opportunities and challenges for companies looking to expand into the Netherlands. Additionally, Per-Arne provided insights into the hurdles and opportunities within the European market, highlighting the crucial role of innovation and technology in addressing future challenges. He concluded with a call to action: “Collaborate, innovate, and create a resilient business climate together.”

Hanna Bräcknell, Management Trainee at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, gave a brief presentation of the survey data collection, followed by a presentation by Saga Sjöberg, an intern at Business Sweden, highlighting key results from the Dutch report. The insightful reflections of the panellists further engaged the participants:


Johan Uhlin, Managing Director of Scania Production Zwolle B.V. and Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands; Armanda Willems, Country Manager at Lime Technologies;
Ashkan Danaei, Key Account Director at Tetra Pak;
Michael Vallon, Head of Financial Control DACH/BNL at Getinge.


The panel discussion, moderated by Tomas Korseman, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and Area Manager of Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade & Invest Council for the Benelux Countries, covered topics such as regulatory changes, the Swedish brand, the challenges faced by the companies, and trade barriers recognised by Swedish companies in the Dutch market.

Ashkan Danaei, who is also part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainability Committee, stated:

“Tetra Pak is a premium brand because of the Swedish brand and the Swedish heritage. Being a Swedish company, I see it as a possibility to be a front-runner. Sustainability comes with the Swedish brand and the Swedish heritage.”

Tomas Korseman and Johan Uhlin concluded the event by highlighting the importance of using the survey results year-over-year to identify short-term issues and long-term trends.

The Swedish Chamber would like to warmly thank Per-Arne Hjelmborn for his inspiring speech, the panellists’ engaging discussion, and Roland van Pooij, CEO of Handelsbanken Nederland, for hosting this important event.

We also thank everyone who participated in the event and contributed to the survey. You are welcome to read the Business climate survey here.



The Business Climate Survey provides valuable insights into economic development, success drivers, local conditions, trade obstacles, and sustainability challenges encountered by Swedish-affiliated companies in the Netherlands.


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This year’s survey has been conducted across over 20 countries worldwide, further enhancing its global significance and relevance.

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Photo credits: Salar Ashari