A conversation with Tord Magnuson on the value of mentorship

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”It is amazing to watch intelligent young people grow and see them dare new things” says Swedish business executive Tord Magnuson.

Parallel to his engagement in Swedish business and foundations, such as YPO and Interpeace, Tord Magnuson has a passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs. When Tord Magnuson last visited the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, he shared his perspective on mentorship. Tord Magnuson expressed:

“I stay in close touch with many young people, especially from the suburbs in Stockholm. Many of them have great ideas and potential but just need someone to talk to, and a helping hand. I think helping and staying engaged is exciting and fun, and I like to make use of my network and resources.”

The first time Tord Magnuson took on the role as a mentor was with Ahmed Abdirahman, whom he accidentally met at a lunch in New York. Over the years, Tord Magnuson and Ahmed Abdirahman cultivated a close friendship marked by sharing ideas and encouragement. Today, Ahmed Abdirahman stands as a successful entrepreneur, founder of The Global Village and Järvaveckan, and a prominent activist against segregation in Sweden. As a key figure in Swedish business and a part of the royal Swedish family, Tord Magnuson happily leveraged his unique network to contribute to Ahmed Abdirahman’s journey. As an example, Tord Magnuson personally invited the world-famous academic and public speaker Hans Rosling to an event Ahmed Abdirahman hosted for high school students, resulting in a fully packed auditorium. As a mentor, you can always ask your mentee how you can add value to them. Tord Magnuson emphasizes the transformative power of giving young individuals acknowledgement:

“Most people become a better version of themselves as soon as they feel recognized by others. All it takes is to meet up, listen to their ideas, introduce them to your network and help when you can. People can often achieve so much more than they think. They just need someone who believes in them.”

For Tord Magnuson, mentorship has consistently been a rewarding experience:

“It is amazing to watch intelligent young people grow and see them dare new things. All I do is help activate an energy that already exists in them. When I see the great things Ahmed has achieved, I feel very inspired.”

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