Iris Hertsenberg, speaker for Tech for Good with Ericsson

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We are proud to present Iris Hertsenberg as one of our distinguished speakers for Tech for Good on November 7, in collaboration with Ericsson.

The event will take place at the 5G Hub High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, a technological hub where you have the opportunity to explore 5G and experiment with innovative applications. As the project manager of 5G Hub, Iris will contribute with her insight into this unique space, and give a presentation on the exciting topic of Social Extended Reality.

Besides her role at the 5G Hub, Iris is also the Business Development Manager at Ericsson and has a long background in tech and telecom.

Digital transformation is an important enabler for companies to become more sustainable: when business processes become more efficient, companies will be able to save energy and/or reduce CO2 emissions. 5G plays a key role in digital transformation, so sign up for the event to learn more about 5G’s impact on sustainability here.