Meet our Mentor Charlotte Glassco

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Meet Charlotte Glassco, our Mentor for the Swedish Chamber and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2024! Charlotte has been working in the public affairs sector for nearly ten years. She started her career in Brussels, at the heart of EU policymaking where she worked across various policy areas including sustainability, human rights, consumer affairs and trade. Today, Charlotte is leading the global public affairs team at Inter IKEA Group, to support its mission to create a better everyday life for many people.

Charlotte is passionate about many aspects of her work today, including advocating on important topics, influencing regulatory affairs and engaging in public dialogue with stakeholders. Ultimately, she believes in the power of public affairs and communications to create positive change in society. As a born and raised Canadian, Charlotte has worked in several EU countries, learning how to stand out in an international crowd and persevere through the challenges of being a foreign national. Something that continues to serve her well in work and life.

In addition, Charlotte serves as a member of the Swedish Chamber Branding & Marketing Committee. Read more about the Mentorship Program 2024 here on our website.