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On January 26, 2021 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce was very pleased to welcome Marianne Hamilton to discuss her book Advice to my dear daughter, and gender diversity together with an expert panel Ruth de Jager Peter Møllgaard, R. Ruben Brunsveld Marianne Hamilton moderated by Viveka Andersson. Thanks also to our partner Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden for the great collaboration.



Today gender diversity and inclusiveness are on top of the agenda for many governments and companies. Within the EU probably all. But what do we mean?  Is it about percentages? Or output? When are we satisfied? How do we measure?  What is on the agenda for the youth of today’s? Why are companies so slow in getting equality in place? Or are they not?


We were very pleased to welcome Marianne Hamilton for an interview with Swe-Cham Member Viveka Andersson and to invite to an interactive Panel discussion together with Marianne and our pannelists Ruth de Jager, Country Manager, Storytel, Ruben Brunsveld, Sr. Advisor at Enact Sustainable Strategies and Peter Møllgaard,  Dean at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and Professor of Industrial Organization about how far have we come with corporate gender diversity and what still needs to be done?


Read the Key take aways from the Moderator:

“Key take away from the webinar, besides Marianne’s 46 pieces of advice, was that gender diversity and inclusion are complex questions that still cause lots of frustration, primarily as we lose out on so much competence and creativity that it would bring on. There is still a long way to go but by having a positive mindset we untapped some keys that will make a difference as the discussion revealed a number of concret:e examples and initiatives that have and will contribute to real change. We need to further elaborate the topic and look forward to doing that in the close future.“  Viveka Andersson 


Video recording of the webinar available on demand at


Marianne was Atlas Copco’s Senior Vice President, Organizational Development and Management Resources for sixteen years. She has extensive board experience from sitting on multiple corporate boards. Her ground-breaking introduction at Atlas Copco of an internal global job market, where everyone was welcome to apply for open positions, led to a unique opportunity to improve the organisation and make its corporate culture even stronger. This internal job market concept has subsequently been copied by several world-leading companies.  Marianne has a strong faith in the individual. In her book Advice To My Dear Daughter, which was released in Dutch this year, she gives her own very personal advice to women aiming for top executive positions who want to grow professionally. Her thoughts and ideas provide pragmatic, down-to-earth guidance for women to take charge of their careers and thrive.



Advice to My Dear Daughter

Advice to My Dear Daughter is written for young women who have just started their business careers. The target group are strong, professional women who want to understand the corporate world. The utmost objective with the book is that more women will reach top management positions where they have the power to change things in accordance with their own values. To have more companies with diversity in their management teams and that are delivering sustainable profitable growth.

In the book the reader gets 46 pragmatic advice. The most basic is that the woman must put her mind on achieving results. She should not be egocentric but result orientated. She should move from “Did I do a great presentation?” to “What impact did my presentation have?”  The book is based on Hamilton’s own experiences. It focuses on what a woman can do, but also on how she can do it. It gives guidance on how to ‘read’ and manage a certain a certain situation, not on the obstacles.

Marianne Hamilton strongly believes in the power of the individual. The woman herself is the only one who really knows her potential. Her own judgement is much more important than the judgment of other people. “Yes, I did it!” is much more worth than “Excellent, my girl!” The 46 advice cover various situations from understanding the individual’s role in the organization, to the steering of a business, the vision, strategy, and company processes. The more a woman understands the better she can navigate and deliver results. The advice also guides the woman on how she can become a leader, but even more, how she can become the manager of a business.

In the book Hamilton stresses that, while pursuing a career, the woman must have a good life, which is not necessarily meaning having a balance. A professional life is typically a bumpy journey, the woman must be prepared and organize herself accordingly. Doing this, she can also have a welcoming home, a family, friends, and lots of fun.






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On January 21, 2021 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce was very pleased to organize our first digital New Year’s Reception in collaboration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and to welcome more than 55 participants. We would like to  thank our Honorary Guests, Ambassador of Sweden Annika Markovic and Ambassador of the Netherlands Bengt van Loosdrecht for sharing their thoughts and plans for the coming year and for their open invitations to all companies to contact their Embassies for assistance if needed. Areas mentioned for collaboration between the two countries was AI & Innovation and renewable Energy, especially district heating. The Dutch Embassy was very pleased to introduce their Innovation House which will open up for many new possibilities and company services from now on. Thank you also to excellent Moderator Ruben Brunsveld Enact.

The Swedish and Dutch Chambers are looking forward to plan for more events and business matchmaking opportunities together for our members in the year to come.



Welcome by Kerstin Gerlagh, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Introduction by Ruben Brunsveld

Fireside talk with H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mrs. Annika Markovic and H.E. Ambassador of the Netherlands Mr. Bengt van Loosdrecht by Ruben Brunsveld


Conclusion and Toast by Ehsan Turabaz, Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Thanks, by Els Berkers, Chairman Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden

Musical interruption

End of Program



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Electrification of Transport – Are we ready to take charge of the future?


On January 13, 2021 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce was very proud to host Johan Uhlin Managing Director  Scania Production Zwolle B.V. and Janko van der Baan Managing Director Scania Benelux | Management Team Scania Belgium NV-SA | Scania Nederland BV | Scania Luxembourg SA for a webinar on the Electrification of Transport. The electrification of transport is an important step for a more sustainable world.  A successful industry transition depends on a delicate balance between both environmental and business sustainability, as well as maturity in technology and infrastructure. A balance best achieved together with producers, customers, and partners in energy and infrastructure. Electrification of the heavy commercial truck fleet is decisive in reaching the Paris Agreement target of limiting global warming to well below 2°C.  E-vehicles will therefore increasingly be an attractive option.

We would like to thank Janko van der Baan for his highly interesting presentation and all guests for their active participation and questions, making this Roud table webinar to a huge success.


Conclusions by Janko van der Baan

  • Sustainability is essential for our future business
  • Connectivity plays an important role in efficient transport
  • Energy efficiency can also be achieved with here and now solutions
  • Here and now energy is the transition to a sustainable future
  • Scania takes its responsibility into the sustainable future



On September 15, 2020 Scania launched its first range of electric trucks. The high-performance plug-in hybrid and fully electric trucks initially focus on urban applications.






Keynote Speakers:

Johan Uhlin Managing Director  Scania Production Zwolle B.V.

Janko van der Baan Managing Director Scania Benelux | Management Team
Scania Belgium NV-SA | Scania Nederland BV | Scania Luxembourg SA



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On December 10, 2020 the Swedish Chamber hosted our last event for 2020 by welcoming Konrad Grüss, Managing Director of Inter IKEA Systems B.V to a Meet & Greet with the Chamber. Konrad Grüss gave an inspiring presentation both about his personal journey covering 25 years of IKEA and about the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on a global business-like IKEA. He revealed how IKEA – as a group- performed in 2020 and how they managed this extraordinary and challenging year and put the safety and wellbeing of customers and co-workers at the heart of IKEA’s response.



Despite the pandemic, Inter IKEA Group achieved a solid financial result in FY20. When the lockdowns began, Inter IKEA Group took several measures to ensure the safety and security of coworkers and customers and mitigate the negative consequences of the pandemic. Following the fast and strong recovery of retail sales, Inter IKEA Group delivered better results than projected. “We’ve opened 33 new locations worldwide, hosted 4 billion website visits and launched more than 2,000 great new products” says Konrad. All this led to total IKEA retail sales of EUR 39.6 billion for FY20 and investments to support a healthy recovery. “At IKEA we are eager to turn a challenge into an opportunity, he concluded. Looking ahead IKEA will continue their road forward by making IKEA affordable for people who cannot afford IKEA today, reach and interact with many more of the many people, where they are and to create a positive impact for people, society and the planet.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Konrad Grüss for his inspiring presentation and for his great support to the activities of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. We would also like to thank all participants in this Round Table for the interesting questions and for your contribution to making the last Round Table of 2020 to a great success.



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Are you a young professional looking to accelerate your career en grow your professional network?


Are you an international business leader within the Chamber’s network looking for an opportunity to connect and support the next generation’s business leaders?

Apply to the Swe-Cham Mentorship Program 2020-2021!

December 3, 2020

Time: 18.30 – 20.30


What makes the difference between a career that thrives and one that stalls? For many in the business world, it’s a mentor. In addition to helping you define your professional development path, a mentor an help you deal with the everyday concerns in the daily job life. While one should never blindly follow in the footsteps of others, the lessons learned from others’ experiences and missteps, can prove invaluable.

With this program the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is supporting the next generation’s leaders by connecting Mentees from the Young Professionals with mentors from the Chamber’s extensive network of international leaders.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program is a 8-month program consisting of 5 mandatory Seminars and workshops covering topics as Cross-border business culture, How to create international teams, Leadership strategies & Personal growth and recruitment processes in corona times, by business experts from various fields. It strives to provide participants with the opportunity to grow in their careers and to enrich their personal developments by exchanging experiences, views, and knowledge. By utilizing the Chamber’s extensive network of international business leaders, the program offers Young Professionals a unique Mentor experience.


Time Schedule and Program Details 2020/2021


December 3, 2020
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
International and cross border Business Culture and Networking Skills
Hendrik Jan Guitink

Guest Speakers:

Gabriele Hamm Adler, People & business developer/ coach/ facilitator/ founder and owner of GHA Development, Celemi solution partner







Jeroen Timmermans, Coach & Trainer focusing on Loss & Transition, Cross Culture & Leadership








February 3, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Creating (international) teams and defining your role
Henrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba


April 22, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Personal development and growth
Hendrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba


June 10, 2021
18.30 – 21.00
Venue Swedish Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
Recruitment strategies
Hendrik Jan Guitink
Guest Speaker: Tba

At this final meeting we will also  evaluate on personal lessons learned and you  will receive a certificate for accomplishing the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program 2020-2021.


Register before October 12, 2020  at our event page


The Program
The highly successful program includes one-to-one sessions, 5 mandatory seminars and workshops,  further described below,  scheduled throughout 2020 – 2021 will help you to reach your goal for personal growth and development and to increase your professional leadership skills as well as to share experiences and insights with others and building on your business network. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program was launched in October 2012. Since then more than 700 Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber have followed the program and benefited for their future personal and professional growth and the many Mentors have benefited to meet the new generation leaders of the future and to learn more about their insights and values.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program is open to all Young Professionals members of the Swedish Chamber and members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and encourages both mentors and mentees to register. It is designed for Young Professionals between 25 and 36 years old with high ambitions to develop and grow. The ideal Mentee has a few years of work experience and knowledge of managing and executing projects.

For Mentors a special Mentor meeting will be planned (zoom) prior to the launch to share Mentor guidelines and best practice.


The Mentor/Mentee couples will be selected carefully according to the application forms by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in close co-operations with the Program facilitator. After mentors are paired up with mentees both Mentors and Mentees are participating at the five pre-scheduled Workshops and Seminars throughout the year both as individuals and as couple. At these Seminars and Workshops time has also been included for one-to-one meetings between the Mentor and the Mentee. In between the mandatory meetings one-on-one meetings are encouraged to take place once every six weeks, in person or digitally, offering opportunities for in-depth discussions.The personal success of the Mentorship Program is most of all depending on your commitment to yourself and to invest time in You!


For 8 months you will benefit of having a Mentor or being the Mentor to a Mentee and building a Mentorship relation. You will learn more about yourself and learning from others. You will share insights and ideas with experts on Cross boarder business culture, Leadership strategies, Creating international teams and Recruitment processes (in corona times) and build on your (business) network within the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. You will get to know and share ideas with other members both from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and YP Young Professionals.


For further information regarding the Mentorship Program please contact the Swedish Chamber of Commerce by sending an email to



The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and AIMS sponsored by
Inter IKEA Systems.



About Hendrik Jan Guitink, Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V. , member of AIMS International, a global leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting

“My name is Hendrik Jan Guitink, I am the Managing Partner of AIMS International Netherlands B.V., member of AIMS International, a global leader in Executive Search and Leadership Consulting with offices in over 50 countries. We Find&Grow Your Leaders. Within our Talent Management Practice, coaching and mentoring are two aspects that we specialize in as part of Leadership Development Programs or for individual cases. Having been a Mentor within this program for the past 2 years and being a professional business coach and trainer, I am very excited to take on the challenge. As Mentor, I have had the privilege to partner with 2 very bright and ambitious young professionals. I think I can say that both the mentees and I learned a lot from each other.

I am married to a Swedish beauty and also have a very strong business relationship with our AIMS partner in Sweden, delivering our services to our mutual clients.  Hence the membership of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

The ambition for the Mentorship Program is to give young professionals the opportunity to connect with a senior business executive outside of his or her direct environment. Giving the participants access to guidance in issues concerning their future career.

As a group we will work on specific topics such as culture and building trusted relationships and we will invite subject matter experts to come and talk to us. The Mentees and Mentors will also spend time together on subjects of their own choice.”

Hendrik Jan Guitink

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Global Macro Outlook – Online seminar
Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM CET


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to invite you to an Annual Global Macro Outlook on November 24, 2020 in collaboration with Handelsbanken.

In this webinar the experts of Handelsbanken will update you on the latest macro-economic developments and investments challenges on the global markets in times of the pandemic.



  • Welcome by Roland van Pooij, CEO Handelsbanken in the Netherlands
  • Keynote speaker: Christina Nyman – Chief Economist at Handelsbanken. In her presentation, she will give us an insight into the latest macro economic developments across the world.
  • Jelte de Boer, Head of Investments at Optimix Vermogensbeheer. He will focus on portfolio management in times of a pandemic. How to navigate in turbulent markets. And what are the opportunities and threats for investors?





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Business Women Program 2020 – Session 4, November 24, 2020 

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is welcoming you to the last
Business Women Program Webinar of 2020
To Elevate greatness starts with HEALTH

HEALTH and Well-beeing have been the main theme for the Women Business Program this year.  In our last webinar we will wrap up the learnings from the earlier sessions and discuss the following points to round off the year and to make a great start of 2021.


  • Knowing how to keep the wellbeing and mood up in the challenging time of the pandemic which is affecting all of us
  • How do you motivate or inspire yourself to move forward?
  • Make a plan for the future and end 2020 on a high note


When: Tuesday November 24, 2020
Time: 15:30-17:00 AM
Online meeting.


Welcome on November 24, 2020 or Welcome to share this invitation with any colleague of yours that would benefit to be a part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Business Women Program.



The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Program in collaboration with Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership will provide the tools and guidance for you to move start your self-care routines and to hold on to them to increase your inspiration and energy for your everyday life.




“In my experience coming together in a group with likeminded people increases the inspiration and motivation to take the action steps needed to start your self-care routines and get positive results”

Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands would like to thank all participants for attending The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Webinar Mixed Presence Office, the office of the future – a knowledge sharing session around Organizational Culture, Environmental Psychology and Technology in collaboration with our member company SoundTribe .


This knowledge sharing webinar is part of our strategy of organizing inspiring webinars “for members by members”


In this webinar we shared the insights of Workwire,  AVEX and Soundtribe about the office of the future and how to tackle the challenges facing all of us in terms of performance but not at least social connections and how to keep organizations alive.  Ester Roelofs, Workwire presented a newly conducted survey among people and organizations working both from home and in a mixed home/office situation. Although many reported that working in a mixed presence office situation delivers a lot of challenges most people still thought that the mixed presence office is here to stay.  In this one-hour webinar we received more knowledge about how innovation, technology and environmental psychology can help to solve a lot of the issues of mix presence office offering solutions where everyone can thrive and perform.



We would like to thank Swedish Chamber member Frans Davidsson, SoundTribe, Tim Merkenhof and Esther Roelofs, Workwire and Erwin Schmitz AVEX for their inspiring presentation and we would like to thank all members and guests who joined us from our partner Chambers in the Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland and Germany.


Click here to watch the full webinar 




The Swedish Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to a webinar
Mixed Presence Office, the office of the future
– a knowledge sharing session around Organizational Culture, Environmental Psychology and Technology in collaboration with our member SoundTribe
as part of our webinar series “for members by members”



Almost 50% of employees opt for permanent home working days and fixed office days in the future were employees come to the office for knowledge sharing, cooperation and meetings and other tasks are carried out from home. How do you as an organization stand prepared to support this new normal? Are you equipped with the right environment and technology to make your colleagues thrive and perform? The Mixed Presence Office concept gives you a fresh insight on how to tackle this from a People, Environment and Technology perspective. We believe this will be the game changer for performance and innovation keeping the social connections within the organizations alive.



– Introduction

– Mixed Presence Office- Workplace approach intro

– Audiovisual technology fit for purpose

– Productivity Senses and Environmental Psychology

– Interdisciplinary strategy and implementation

– Wrap up and Q&A


This webinar is intended to address Managers in general and HR, IT & FM in specific.


The event is featured by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands in  partnership with The Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Schwedische Handelskammer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK, The Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce.






We make sound work by creating and implementing user-based sound environments. Sound affects us constantly. Where we work, live, learn or heal. It affects our health, wellbeing, mood and our emotions. SoundTribe are passionate about designing user-based sound environments that works for you. We will help you connect the dots from Concept to Design to Solutions

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