October 19, 2021 Tech For Good

Tuesday 19 October 2021
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On October 19, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted Tech for Good which was the last webinar in our Tech Table series for this year.


In this webinar, experts were brought together to discuss the technologies of the future and tech as an enabler for good.  How is tech tackling the fundamental challenges facing us within environmental and social impact? How can ideas and innovation behind ideal-driven technology and conscious investments be used to drive change? How will technologies shape the future and how will the industry, academia, and policymakers be able to solve the world’s problems together?


Quotes from speakers:

Marcel van der Kuil, Data Entrepreneur and co-founder, TechLabs Amsterdam


“If you could teach somebody today that could teach somebody else tomorrow, then the scaling starts”





Wouter Bakker, CEO, GoodUp


“Make it personally relevant, make it personally attractive, make people part of the movement instead of telling about the movement. My advice is to be sure about your sustainability focus, allow your employees to act upon your sustainability strategy and allow them to come up with ideas.”




Linus Wretblad, CEO and Innovation Advisor, IPScreener 


“Most of the people are in oblivion. They don’t even know, because if you say have you checked your IP? They answer “Oh yes, we have an IP address, I have a homepage, that’s the knowledge. That is the most dangerous part. We want to at least make them understand known incompetence because then they can ask questions.”




Andreea Moga, Co-Founder & Chapter Lead, Techlabs Rotterdam


“To have a digital and entrepreneurial mindset you have to have a finding mindset or how I like to call it, the growth mindset. The growth mindset is like you are learning from challenges, and your challenges are not blocking you and not draining you from actually going further.”



Rens Goudsmit, Moderator, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen

“New technologies and developments are leading to innovative, interesting and complex (legal) issues. So especially in this sector it is crucial to share best practices, insights, experiences and know how. I believe making connections is key in the Tech sector. This is exactly where the Tech Tables are meant for”.





The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Tech Talent webinar is supported by TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen.



Tech for Good was organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands in partnership with:

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s for the Netherlands Tech Talent webinar is part of the series Tech Tables and invites Swedish Chamber Members and leading experts, exciting entrepreneurs and challengers alongside passionate change-makers to participate in the exciting discussions. How will technologies shape the future and what can we learn from each other? The Tech Tables 2021 will focus on four Themes: Tech Talent – Tech Finance/VC investment – Women in Tech – Tech for Good