April 14, 2020 Webinar and Q&A on legal issues arising out of COVID-19 and when NOW is applicable

Tuesday 14 April 2020
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The Swedish Chamber thank all of you who participated on this Webinar and Q&A on legal issues arising out of COVID-19, and a special thanks to Rens Goudsmit, Advocaat Corporate & Commercial Litigation, IT and Privacy, TK Advocaten Notarissen, Nils van Dijkman, Partner HEUSSEN Advocaten & Notarissen, Jan-Pieter van Niekerk, Director at KPMG Meijburg & Co and Jan Hollamans, Senior Tax Manager Meijburg & Co who made this Webinar possible.


Did you miss out on the Swedish Chamber legal webinar and Q & A  or would you like to see the slides again? Send an email to events@swedishchamber.nl and we will send you the slides on how to tackle your COVID-19 Business legal challenges. 



Recent measures taken by the Dutch government to combat the Corona virus have a major impact on the daily business operations of companies and institutions. This brings a lot of challenges and legal uncertainties that require a direct approach. Our members, the law firms TK Advocaten and Notarissen and Heussen will share know-how, experiences and insights on the best approach.

Rens Goudsmit will cover contract related issues and answer questions on how to interpret the corona virus situation. Is force majeure applicable? What are the legal consequences for my contract(s)? What does the legal term ‘unforeseen circumstances’ mean and what are the consequences?

Nils van Dijkman will cover the personnel related topics and go into the “salary costs compensation” (NOW) and answer questions like when will NOW come to force, how much of the salary costs will be covered and how long will this measure last. In addition other measures to reduce personnel costs will be addressed.

Jan-Pieter van Niekerk will cover the most important and relevant tax measures in light of COVID-19. Special attention will be paid to the facilities to request for a temporary relief of payment of taxes. How does this work and which special attention points, such as a notification of the inability to pay taxes to avoid liability of the directors where possible, should be taken into account? Furthermore, Jan-Pieter will address specific interesting parts of the Salary Cost Compensation (Noodmaatregel Overbrugging Werkgelegenheid), such as the explanation and interpretation of the concepts of ‘concerns’, ‘turnover’ and the method of this calculation.

All related topics will be analysed and answered during the session on Friday.

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