February 9, 2022 Women Business Leadership Program – Follow your Passions and your Purpose for Success

Wednesday 9 February 2022
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Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership

Benno Dijkhuis, Managing Director Fagerhult Benelux
Sara Wilhelmsson, Director Sales Development EMEA at Snowflake


On February 9, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted the first session of the Women Business Leadership Program – Follow your Passions and your Purpose for Success. In this webinar coach Malin Hedlund, Co-founder MH Leadership, taught us how to build a resilient mindset, which will help us achieve our goals and to allow us to tap into what really inspires us.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a warm thank you to our fantastic Coach Malin Hedlund, we all left the session boosted with new knowledge and new tools in our toolbox, and a hugely positive feeling. We would also like to thank our Inspirational speakers Benno Dijkhuis and Sara Wilhelmsson, everyone that participated in this event and our partner Schwedische Handelskammer in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


Due to the current Corona situation in the Netherlands, the launch of the Women Business Leadership Program was held digitally. The following sessions will be held live at Edge Technologies, Amsterdam.


This webinar was organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands in partnership with:


“Participating in the Women Business Leadership program, provided by Malin via the Swedish Chamber, has been a great help in my daily live, both private and business wise! It has provided me with tips & tricks to be better aware of why I do things the way you do them, and if needed how I might be able change/improve. The term “ant-steps” is one that often comes to my mind. I really recommend you to join a session!

If you are not able to do all four, one is more than not at all! But I’m sure if you go for one you will most likely want to join all sessions. I always leave these session with such a positive boosted feeling.”

Pernilla Guitink-Svensson, Process Improvement Professional at ASML


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