June 3, 2021 Annual General Meeting

Thursday 3 June 2021
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Date: June 3, 2021

Time: 10.30 – 12:00

Venue: Zoom


On 3 June 2021, we welcome all Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands members to join the 61st  Annual General Meeting. The AGM will this year be carried out in a virtual setting. 


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to invite you the Annual General Meeting on June 3, 2021 at 10.30 — 12.00 CET. The meeting will take place online and will be followed by a Scholarship ceremony and an address by H.E. Ambassador or Sweden Mrs Annika Markovic.


AGM Agenda, Proposals and Descisions 2021 and Minutes of Meeting June 20, 2020
You will find these documents by clicking on Program below


Voting Procedure

During the Annual General Meeting, the Members present will be asked to approve the Minutes of last year’s AGM as well as the Financial Statements of 2020 and elect the Members of the Board. As we will be working with a modified voting procedure, we ask all Members to submit questions or comments with regard to the issues on our agenda in advance as much as possible – by email to info@swedishchamber.nl. Instead of asking for approval by a raise of hands, we will include a small timeslot for Members to react via Chat. If no comments or objections come in, the topic at hand will be considered approved.



We kindly request all Members to register in advance. All meeting details will be sent to you prior to the meeting.


The AGM is free of charge and open for Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands members.


N.B. Young professional membership of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is an  associate membership of the SCC, and as such these members are unable to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.


New Board Member Candidates 2021

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are very honored to present their 3 new Board Member Candidates for the Board 2021 to be elected at the Annual Meeting on June 3, 2021. We welcome all members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands to attend the Annual General Meeting via Zoom to meet the new candidates and to elect the new members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2021.









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