May 18, 2020: Corporates and Recovery

Monday 18 May 2020
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Does Circular Economy have a place and how does it look like?


Time: 14.00 CET

With the NordicCE2020 – What’s Next The Nordic Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands, the Nordic Embassies and the Representation in the Netherlands of the European Commission in collaboration with MissionC are very pleased to follow-up the successful NordicCE2020 Summit from Waste to Resource with a series of Webinars on What’s Next.

The whole world was making plans for the year 2020. So much vision for a sustainable world, so many plans to push Circular Economy. When we discussed Circular Economy during our annual Nordic Circular Economy Summit in February, the future seemed bright.

– What has changed and how will the future look like post COVID-19?

– What will be the role of Circular Economy?

Here are some key take aways from Moderator Andrea Orsag to sum up this Webinar:

  • Despite the current challenging situation when business and supply chains are disrupted, this is the time to rethink the business purpose and reshape it in a way that will be beneficial for people and planet as well, not just the profit
  • We need to design out waste and pollution starting by rethinking the products, materials they consist of and what is happening with them at the end of their use and at the end of their life
  • There is a need to create regulatory framework enabling infrastructure and ecosystem that incentives reuse and secondary resources over extraction of the virgin resources
  • Large industrial operations striving to reduce their CO2 emissions footprint need to embed carbon capture and storage technology on the top of efficiency initiatives – it is already available. Concrete is responsible for 5-8% of global CO2 emissions on its own and construction business will continue in the coming years due to the population increase and more people moving to cities
  • The overall system change is needed and therefore there is not a single company that can accomplish transition towards Circular Economy on their own. The ecosystem consists of many diverse players that interact in different ways and therefore COLLABORATION is key to making this transition a success


Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs Officer, Ragn-Sells

Eija Hietavuo, Senior Vice President Sustainability at Stora Enso
Jon Christopher Knudsen, Vice President, Aker Solution


Moderator Andrea Orsag, Founder MissionC



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Instead of presents to the speakers a donation will be made to the Dutch Voedselbank. 



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