September 28, 2017 Business Woman Program

Thursday 28 September 2017
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Fit to lead – Facing the challenges

The theme for this seminar is Fit to lead – Facing the challenges. Leadership can be tough on both body and mind, and to cope in the long run with good health and a high quality of life we might need to make changes in our daily life. In this part of the Business Woman Program, we will discuss tools for healthy leadership and raise questions about energy. What is energy? Where does energy come from and how can we produce and have more energy every day?


About the program

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce exclusive Business Woman Program 2017 presents four seminars for the empowering and support of woman business leaders. The seminars are designed to increase and sharpen your leadership skills and to help yourself to a higher level of efficiency, awareness, and success. Moderator is Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership. We welcome the women from the Swedish Chamber, Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and their relations with a focus to expand leadership intelligence and strengthen the inner power. You can follow any number of seminars you prefer. If you attend all four, the Swedish Chamber will offer you the last one for free!






Swedish Chamber of Commerce
De Ruijterkade 5, Amsterdam

Where do you go to get inspired and have fun?

I’m sure many of you are still enjoying the summer, and I suspect you may be feeling like you’ve slowed down a little in the pursuit of your dreams and visions. If so, I think it’s great – everyone needs to stop and rest, even on the greatest of journeys. With that in mind, I wanted to send you a different kind of blog this week. I’m sending you a very short list of some of the websites/blogs I visit myself when I want to relax and feel inspired. The wonderful thing about inspiration is that it doesn’t matter what inspires you – it could be an interesting recipe or an article about a Nobel Peace Prize winner – simply feeling inspired about anything gives you energy and reconnects you to what you want in life and how you want to feel. It’s valuable even if your ambitions lie in completely different areas.


So, here are three places I go to have a laugh, kill some time, or learn something interesting.

  1. Instagram! The great thing about Instagram is that it can change your mood in a second. You might find something interesting and fun, see something you never would have thought of before, or find a picture of a place or scene that just really resonates for you.

  2. – This woman has an unapologetic and unique style and she simply goes for what she wants (and gets it!). Possibly the only person I know who can combine yellow stilettos and a long list of well-researched and interesting podcasts with health, leadership, and lifestyle experts.

  3. – You might not be able to guess the topic of this site just based on the name, but this is one place I go to get the latest developments and research on food, eating, and optimal health. I learn a lot here, and Dave Asprey, who runs the site, has a fundamental belief that it is always possible to change your life for the better. And I agree with that!

You can either visit these sites or not, but I am so curious to hear what you find interesting! What sites/podcasts/shows help you connect with things you want in life? Let me know in the comments, or connect with me and send me a message. Looking forward to it!

Stay Great,




Participation Fee

EUR 25,00 p.p per seminar.

Registration details

For digital registration welcome to click on one of the buttons below or send an email to
Registration open until September 23, 2017.
No Refund possible after September 23, 2017.


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