May 14, Swedish Chamber and YP Mentorship Program 2024 – Mindfulness, work-life balance – Open for all YP Members

Tuesday 14 May 2024
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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who participated in the interactive presentation on “Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance” as part of the Swedish Chamber and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2024!


Our heartfelt thanks go to our esteemed keynote speakers, Kristina Zumpolle, founder and leadership coach at Zumflow, and Jasmijn de Smit, leadership coach at Zumflow. Their insightful thoughts on mindfulness and the work-life blend were invaluable. During the session, we were provided with tools to reflect on our energy levels, beliefs, and goals in order to navigate the complexities of modern professional life. We are also very happy that Kristina and Jasmijn involve the participants in a joyful dance moment!


We are immensely grateful to all participants for your active engagement and thoughtful contributions to the discussion. Your enthusiasm and commitment to personal and professional growth inspire us all. Last but not least, a warm thank you to AIMS International Netherlands for their valued collaboration. The Swedish Chamber is proud to facilitate these crucial discussions on mindfulness and work-life balance.


Speakers: Kristina Zumpolle & Jasmijn de Smit

Kristina Zumpolle, Founder, Executive coach, Facilitator is a no nonsense coach. Workshop leader and facilitator. Kristina is a vibrant, positive and “a glass half full” kind of coach. Never one to shy away from a challenge, she works constantly to better herself so she can support her clients’ personal growth and of those around her. Kristina has worked successfully with executives and teams across a variety of industries and countries. Her broad cultural and professional experiences have shaped her expansive and innovative coaching style. Kristina views each client as a beginning success and makes it her work to help them see their own potential.



Jasmijn de Smit, Executive coach, Facilitator from Zumflow

With her extensive experience in leading teams in corporates and medium-sized companies and her
background in technology, consulting and healthcare management on three continents, Jasmijn is able to quickly recognize patterns, challenges and development points and translate these into tailor-made solutions, both for teams as well as for individuals.  Jasmijn is an experienced coach and trainer who works empathetically and decisively, is not afraid to ask questions until the core is exposed, confronts lovingly and connects with where her clients are at that moment. She knows how to create a safe atmosphere while she lures them out of their comfort zone and inspires them step by step to become the best version of themselves.





About the Swedish Chamber Mentorship Programme
The Mentorship Program was launched in October 2012. Since then, more than 100 Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber have followed the program and benefited from their future personal and professional growth. The many Mentors have benefited from meeting the new generation leaders of the future and learning more about their insights and values. The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with AIMS International Netherlands B.V., a member of AIMS International. Read more here.