Past events

Chalmerska huset, Gothenburg
November 18, 2022


The Swedish Chamber is pleased to share an invitation to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden’s third annual dinner which takes place in Gothenburg, at Chalmerska huset on November 18. This amazing venue dates back to the early 1800’s. 
Participants in the Gothenburg Day Program can expect an interesting program where the region will present itself and guests have the opportunity to visit inspiring companies.


For more information and to register, please visit the Dutch Chamber

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Time: 19.00-22.00
The Swedish Ambassador’s Recidence
Lange Voorhout 28
THe Hague



On November  10, 2022 The Swedish Chamber of  Commerce for the Netherlands was very honored to invite our Patron Members to the Annual Executive Patron Dinner 2022 hosted by H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Johannes Oljelund at the Swedish Residence in the Hague.

Founded in 2004, the patronship has grown steadily and today it consists of 34 Patron members representing a wide range of industries, from finance and automotive to retail and tech. The patrons reflect the strength of the Chamber’s business platform and represent some of the largest brands in the Swedish – Dutch business community.

At the Patron Dinner 2022 we were very honored to welcome H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Johannes Oljelund as Keynote speaker. Ambassador Oljelund gave a presentation of  the latest reflections on the recent presented Swedish Budget and gave a preview of Sweden’s agenda for the upcoming EU Presidency 2023 and an update on the ongoing process for Sweden joining NATO.





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November 8, 2022


LIVE at The Swedish Chamber of Commerce



On November 8, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted Tech for Good, which was the third event in the Tech Table series this year. In this very interesting and inspiring session, we brought together experts within our broad network to discuss the technologies of the future and tech as an enabler for good.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a warm thank you to our fantastic speakers Joey van den Brink, Business Development Lead at B Lab Europe., Anne Manschot, Market Director Netherlands & Senior Sustainability advisor at Enact Sustainable Strategies, Lotta Gunnarsson, Director Software Development at, and Alexander Galt, Digital Ethics Leader at IKEA Shared Data & Technology. Also, a warm thank you to Louise Bonbeck, Counsellor, EU Affairs and Trade Promotion, Embassy of Sweden in The Netherlands for opening remarks and to our Moderator Lex Keukens, Lawyer at TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen.


We would also like to thank our partners TK Tech and the Embassy of Sweden in The Netherlands and everyone who joined us at the Swedish Chamber Tech for Good and made the event to a great success.

Welcome to sign up for the Swedish Chamber’s last Tech Table this year, Tech Finance/VCInvestment on November 29, 2022 at the office of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Tech Table 2022 is organized in collaboration with:


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Thursday, November 3, 2022 – Introduction and Speed Dating


Live at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce

“21st century Leadership- Navigating in a World of Change”


On November 3, 2022 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program 2022/2023 was successfully launched.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a big thank you to all participating mentors and mentees. We look forward to the upcoming year!


The Mentorship Program is made possible by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with AIMS International Netherlands B.V. , member of AIMS International.


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NOVEMBER 1, 2022
16:30 – 20:00

Venue: Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam

MASTERCLASS II: Mindful Leadership – Recovery, evaluation, how to keep up the energy and get revitalized



On November 1, 2022, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted the Women Business Leadership Masterclass – Recovery, Evaluation, How to keep up the Energy and get Revitalized.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to extend a big thank you to all our participants, Executive Coach and program director, Malin Hedlund, and guest speaker Marianne Hamilton for sharing their stories and experiences. The Swedish Chamber cordially thanks Inter IKEA Systems B.V., Fagerhult, and Storytel for supporting the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program and for making it possible.


If you would like to order Marianne´s book Advice to My Dear Daughter, click here. The book is available in four different languages, Swedish, English, Dutch and French.

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KPMG Meijburg’s Presentation of the Dutch Government Budget 2023

September 28, 2022




Welcome to a presentation of the Dutch Government’s Budget for 2023 & the main tax topics, a digital event organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with KPMG Meijburg & Co.


On Tuesday 20 September the Dutch government will present their budget for 2023. Following the high inflation figures, we expect that the government will announce measures to compensate citizens as well as companies. However, eventually somebody will have to pay the bill – now or in the near future. This will have an impact on the tax measures that will be presented. During a 45 minutes presentation, Jan Hollemans and Tijs van Ruitenbeek will explain and discuss the budget proposal and highlight the main tax topics.


This is a Member-by-Member Event organized by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce together with a member company who is sharing their expertise and valid business updates with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce community.



*The event is free of charge.


This is a collaboration with:

KPMG Meijburg-logo Blue - Yeba

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Date: September 22, 2022
Time: 16.00 – 20.00
Amsterdamse Proeflokaal
Stadionplein 300
1076 CK Amsterdam


The Nordic Chambers and Embassies in the Netherlands are very pleased to invite you to the  #NordicTalks 2022 – Food for Good Summit and EXPO.


The food system is incredibly complex as it spans through different resources and across the globe. We need a complete overhaul of the system to be able to feed 10 billion people with nutritious food by 2050. In #NordicTalks on September 22, 2022, we will meet up live at The Amsterdamse Proeflokaal to follow up on the insights and takeaways from #NordicTalks digital Food for Good event in February 2022.


At #NordicTalk Food for Good on September 22, 2022, we bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and academics from the Nordic countries and from the Netherlands to address how we can contribute to the sustainable and healthy transformation of our global food systems. This will include insights on changes in nutrition sources, urban ecosystems, and local farming to shorten the supply chains and technology – all to ensure food security and resilience in times of climate change, economic decline, and war conflict in Europe.


We are happy to announce that we are offering you the opportunity to join us, learn, taste, and network free of charge. For more information, visit the #NordicTalks website.







  • Walk-in from 15:30

  • Food For Good Summit 16:00-18:00


During the Food For Good Summit we will hear from leading voices – from theoretical research and visionary innovations, through practical application, latest technology and possibilities to scale the solutions. After insightful Keynote speech, there will be two panel discussions:


1) Research and latest market insights

2) Best practices and application in business


  • Food For Good EXPO 18:00-20:00


After the insights, we will be happy to welcome you for Food For Good Expo where you can further learn from people leading the way in an interactive way and explore the taste of Nordics. Bites will be provided by Heidi Bjerkan, owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Credo.


Participation Fee

This event is offered free of charge, registration, however, is compulsory.



#NordicTalks2022 is a collaboration between the Embassies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden and the Chamber of Commerce of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden powered by the Nordic Council.




From Amsterdam, it is easy to reach Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal by bike or by Tram 24 and Bus 62. They both stops in front of the venue.
Are you coming by train from other locations in the Netherlands? Station Amsterdam Zuid is the nearest Train station. From Station Amsterdam Zuid it is only one stop with Metro 50 to Amstelveenseweg and a short walk to Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal.


You are welcome to use the Parking garage Parkeergarage Stadionplein situated in the same building as the Event. A day card available at the venue cost Euro 15,00 for the full day (normal costs Euro 35,00).


Golden tips for consumers from #NordicTalk Food for Good February 2022:

  • Be your own gardener – see what you can grow on your own to realize what is the effort behind the whole process and also the value of the food once you put your energy into it 
  • Sniff, Look and Taste before you throw away food just because based on the label it is expired 
  • Support your local producers
  • Educate yourself of what are you eating, read what are the ingredients and nutritions of your choices. Choose smart! And explore new foods from time to time, keeping your mind open 
  • ENJOY – on your own, with family and friends – because food is such a big part of a culture and a way to express emotions
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16:30 – 20:00

Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1076 EE Amsterdam


How to present your ideas and get your team to listen? What about negotiating your salary or growing within your company?  Negotiation skills are tricky and ask for confidence and self-empowerment. In this event you will learn how to present your ideas, acknowledge your value and negotiate your salary with confidence. Engagement, drive, and determination are vital elements and there will be many tips and exercises to help you to reach your goals.





Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership

“Reaching your dreams and goals doesn’t just happen- you must be willing to develop, change and challenge yourself!
If you are- Make sure to sign up for this three-part Masterclass – The road to successful Leadership!





Guest Speaker

Pernilla Guitink-Svensson
Process Improvement Professional at ASML






Upon completion of the entire training, participants will receive an official certificate of attendance.





The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program is tailormade to personal needs and will help you identify the obstacles to your success, as well as guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself – both as a leader and in your private life. Despite being successful in their roles and producing positive results, many business leaders and professionals experience a lack of confidence, low energy levels, stress, and fatigue. They often feel as though they are not being heard and are unsure of themselves and where they are heading. Many leaders feel both physically and mentally drained because they do not take care of their bodies and mind.


With the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program 2022, we offer 3 Masterclasses this fall with 3 different topics to find your leadership identity, empower yourself to be fit to lead, and learn to use your network. Sign up for all 3 Masterclasses and receive a 25% reduction on the total participation fee or sign up individually for the event that you are interested in attending. You will be working towards your personal goals and developing your leadership skills and you can get a better idea of what changes you need to make to live your best life. All programs include coaching by Malin Hedlund who will give you the theoretical background information you need, provide practical exercises, facilitate teamwork and individual tasks, and exercises to practice in your environment until the next session. At each session, you will also meet an inspirational speaker or role model with a close connection to the topic.


Possibility to book 2 personal coaching sessions with Malin for an additional cost of € 250 incl. BTW (Normal price € 700 excl. btw) Please indicate in your registration if you are interested to add this extra service.




“Participating in the Women Business Leadership program, provided by Malin via the Swedish Chamber, has been a great help in my daily life, both private and business-wise! It has provided me with tips & tricks to be better aware of why I do things the way you do them, and if needed how I might be able to change/improve. The term “ant-steps” is one that often comes to my mind. I really recommend you to join a session!

If you are not able to do all three, one is more than not at all! But I’m sure if you go for one you will most likely want to join all sessions. I always leave these sessions with such a positive boosted feeling.”

Pernilla Guitink-Svensson, Process Improvement Professional at ASML


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Women Business Leadership Program is powered by:



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